Robert Golden - Professional Football Player (Pittsburgh Steelers)

"It was an honor for me to be able to speak at Keeping Youth Journey Onward meeting for becoming a man. The material that was being taught in Becoming A Man not only will benefit the kids and their success onward, but it also sharpen my sword to continue to stand tall in my manly walk"  -Robert Golden

Robert Golden spoke at the Becoming A Man program for young men with a theme of decision making and the importance of hard work. He shared personal life decisions and events that shaped his path to success. He taught from his own experience that making poor choices, especially when hanging with the wrong crowds, will inevitably cause hardship, get you in to trouble, and threaten high achievement.  With his hard work and dedication he was able to overcome those setbacks and make it to the NFL.

Unique to many individuals whose lives are dedicated to sports, Golden loves making the time to mentor children and give back to the community. His local heritage lends a familiarity and insight in to the daily lives of the youth at KYJO that attend the same public schools, strive to keep good grades, and excel in a sport or academic goal of their choice.

Golden graduated right here in Fresno from Edison High School in 2008. Some say he could be one of the best Defensive Backs to come out of the school. After a few years playing for the Arizona State Wildcats, Golden signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in April 2012.

 KYJO would like to give a big thank you to Robert Golden for taking his time to share his life experiences with the kids in the program.





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