I Heart KYJO Brett 2

Brett Visintainer

KYJO gives kids a chance to become successful with the proper guidance from leadership that truly cares. From the top down, all the people involved in the organization want to give the kids the best chance to succeed. It is their goals to help the kids become successful that drives KYJO to be the best in their industry. 

IH KYJO Marcus

Marcus Davis

KYJO is a breath of fresh air to at risk students across California. Kevin’s heart for the youth that he serves is contagious. The staff there have really bought into the extended family concept. I have personally witnessed the positive impact that this organization has had on students. I can see the hope in their eyes and the inner strength needed to endure tough love. In this organization every kid is challenged to be the best version of themselves.

I Heart KYJO Jodi


I love that KYJO provides many opportunities for staff and residents alike to attend amazing outings and activities, some of which may be first experiences for both staff and residents. Compared to other group homes, KYJO gives back to not only the residents but to the community as well. Recently we have been working with Live Again Fresno handing out food, providing blankets, etc.

I Heart KYJO Gary

Gary S. Chahil

KYJO is an organization that has a GREAT ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, which is the ultimate competitive advantage. There are not many organizations out there teaching our Youth self-confidence & this is by far the most important thing that KYJO can do. Because then they will act. The team with the best players wins.

I Heart KYJO Andrea

Andrea Davis

What I love most about KYJO is their heart for the youth. You can feel the genuine love and respect they have for the students in their program. The love is expressed from every employee in KYJO. KYJO is unique in that they give kids the opportunity to experience things in life, such as flying an airplane, going to a museum, going to a theme park, going to a professional football game. All these experiences help to show the students that there is more to life outside of their situation. Another unique element about KYJO is that they also reach out to the community by putting on free events for kids and helping other organizations that care for our homeless. KYJO has a big/huge heart!

I Heart KYJO John

John Bonner

KYJO provides me with the opportunity to impact the life of these kids every day. The various personalities of kids are what make the job enjoyable. To witness their transformation and growth while in the program, is an amazing thing to see. KYJO is unique because of the care that they have for the kids. From the top and throughout the day to day staff, the amount of care and mentorship shown for the kids is unparalleled. They take the time to ensure that every child has the opportunity to excel at their own personal interests and teaches them that there is more to life than what they have previously been exposed to.

I Heart KYJO Mone

Mone Cha

What I love most about KYJO is the people who put endless amounts of effort
into making a difference in the lives of our youth at KYJO. Whether it be
management, therapists, or staff- we all want to accomplish one goal and
that goal is for these young men and women to leave KYJO with a different
mindset and attitude that will gear them towards a more positive outlook on
their future.

I think diversity is really expressed here at KYJO. There are people who
have come from a wide range of background, walked different paths of life,
and are now working together sharing the same passion in keeping the youth
journeying onward. All the different experiences, knowledge, and skills are
what truly makes KYJO unique. 

I Heart KYJO Stacy

Stacy Zuniga

The thing that I love the most about KYJO is the pride I feel being part of the team. Not all people can say that they are "proud" of the organization that they work for and the work that they do. I truly feel that KYJO makes a difference in young lives and dedicates its work every day to making our community a better place. It often feels like an uphill battle and that we play an under-valued role in society, but it is unquestionably important work that we do.

The staff at KYJO sets us apart. From the Board of Directors and Executive Director position all the way through the Maintenance Department and Direct Care Staff, each employee holds a special place in their hearts for the youth that we serve. KYJO doesn’t just give youth a roof over their heads and food to eat, we give them hope, life skills, a safe, nurturing and educational environment, and lots of opportunity to experience things/activities that they may never otherwise be able to experience. We actively seek ways to broaden perspectives, teach a different way of looking at people and situations, and instill self-confidence and worth. It is definitely NOT just another group home. 

I Heart KYJO Bibi

Bibi Carrasco

What I love about KYJO is the demands and expectations that is expected of staff and residents. Activities and the variety of programs that KYJO offers sets us apart from other agencies in California.

I Heart KYJO Marinna

Marianna Aguilar

What do I love about KYJO? First and foremost...the people I work with. I feel a sense of family and know that we all have each others backs during the good and bad. Second, what we do and provide for the residents we serve. I've worked for another group home and after I left there I swore it was my last. KYJO has changed everyone's opinions about group homes and I'm proud to be apart of greatness. What makes KYJO unique that we don't accept what others may accept. We strive for greatness rather than be complacent. We embrace change and take it head on.

I Heart KYJO Paula

Paula Marsh

I like the people of KYJO that I work with and the work environment I work in, because it allows me to express my own ideas. I also like working with the residents and making changes in their life. KYJO is a well-rounded program. It not only tries to help the resident at the root of the problem, but also helps them to move forward.

I Heart KYJO Cedric P

Cedric Pittman

I admire KYJO'S team spirit and willingness to make a difference in the
lives of the youth this organization serves. Through leadership and the
desire to teach, KYJO has become a consistent staple of excellence in the
community. The common theme of the organization is teamwork and hard work,
and with both KYJO has been able to make the dream work to reshape and
recondition each child's mind equipping them with the tools to become a
successful citizen in society.

KYJO, is unique because the organization takes a modern approach to modern
problems. The leadership team is constantly brainstorming to find new ways
to better serve their residents. KYJO also allows the residents to have a
voice, which keeps the dialogue open between resident and the leadership
team. KYJO empowers their youth by teaching them to be self thinkers, self
motivators and to be selfless.

I Heart KYJO Brian

Brian Folland

What I love most about KYJO is the true passion that is brought to bear for the benefit of the KYJO kids on a daily basis. Many of the KYJO kids have never been exposed to real role models. KYJO teaches life lessons that will enhance lives for many years to come.

What makes KYJO unique is simply an understanding of the needs of today's youth. KYJO educators often share their own life stories, obstacles and triumphs over adversity in order to teach the skills that will enable challenged youth to turn their lives around and achieve their goals and objectives. This is a priceless gift with profound , unique and lasting impact.