BBQ Cook-Off/Bring It Home Weekend

Special thanks to everyone who helped to make this event a huge success. More event photos coming soon.  Click here to check out Channel 24 news coverage of our event .

BBQ Cook-Off Competition Results - Congrats on your well earned Braggin' Rights!

1st Beef - Maw n' Paw
2nd Beef - The Fats!
3rd Beef - Phill's Corner Grill

1st Chicken - Maw n' Paw
2nd Chicken - Thiesen Dueker
3rd Chicken - Good BBQ

1st Pork - Creative Solutions
2nd Pork - Press Box
3rd Pork - Uncle Blue

People's Choice

Beef - KYJO's Personal Chef
Chicken - The Wranglers
Pork - The Fats!